Our Story

Since 2017, Designity Community has been a collaborating and buzzing spot where creatives and brands come together.

Fast-forward to 2023, we've got something new up our sleeves: Designity Art. It's all about giving our creative community even more love and a stage to shine. They're not just showing off; they're turning their wild ideas and crazy skills into some seriously rad custom wall art.

We've teamed up with some of the best print and framing folks across the US. So when you order a piece on Designity Art, you're making a high-quality art that lands right at your doorstep. But hey, it's not just about getting you to say "wow" over these pieces. It's about empowering our creatives, helping them bring their visions to life in a way you can actually hang up, admire, and totally fall in love with on your wall.

Shahrouz Varshabi | Founder & CEO